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Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Electromagnetic Flowmeters


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ISOMAG Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Your best source for reliable and cost effective flow metering.

ISOIL-USA provides optimum solutions for all of your closed-pipe flow measurement needs. ISOIL electromagnetic flow meters (magmeter) are the most accurate and cost effective flow meter for full-pipe applications.

electromagnetic flowmeters are perfect for
use in water & wastewater treatment, chemical, food & dairy, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, energy management, power and irrigation systems. Our unique ML211 Thermal Energy PID controller provides extremely reliable BTU monitoring with no moving parts.

All of our flow measurement products are backed by old fashioned customer service and solid support. Feel free to contact us for a quote or application assistance toll-free at 1-800-909-3569, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM EST or use our handy contact form.

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ISOIL Flow Meters are Easy to Install and Simple to Program

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